By Vianna forlovers

This project was established with the intentions of creating art and building on our influences whilst depicting Women of Colour (WoC) in spaces usually inhibited with systematic racism. As young South-East Asian Australian women, we have become tired of seeing our instilled self-hate being projected back at us in mediums that we love and respect. Therefore, we seek to produce characters that see WoC in various forms, states and personalities in order to foster a space of creative expression for WoC. This project cultivates from a place of love and respect for WoC. We harbour an immense gratitude for fellow WoC and the collective support that radiates from this sense of community. We admire their strength and desire to see them, as well as ourselves, rise up and dismantle this imposed self-hate and, instead, embrace an individual and communal self-love.

Vianna and Chanel


In love with lipstick lately.


Wodaabe of Niger, Northern Niger, Africa


torn. by -Brandy Jaggers- #flickstackr



Dapper Lou


Dapper Lou